Mental Massage

I love reading, and I love reading about everything... but always tend to find myself wanting to read books that leave hope in the end, for without hope... what else is there?

Alien Assassin (Human Chronicles, #2)

Alien Assassin (Human Chronicles, #2) - T.R. Harris A good followup to the first novel, as once again TR Harris is giving us a good romp through his universe. Unfortunately, he has yet to actually put much depth into said universe... but another one is coming, I will definitely read it.... whatever it is or isn't, I am finding reading it to be fun.

The Fringe Worlds

The Fringe Worlds - T.R. Harris A fun, alliterate look at a humans place in the universe. In most other SciFi, it seems that humans are always the slower, stupider,less evolved species... this book is the exact opposite. The overall story reminds me of 1950's pop scifi..Good job!

A Process Mind

A Process Mind - Richards P. Lyon An interesting book by a cousin in law of mine, which not only looks back at the life of an accomplished man, but also (as the book suggests), delves into how his mind works and processes and how that has impacted his overall life.An enjoyable read.

Live Free Or Die (Troy Rising)

Live Free or Die - John Ringo Except for some nutty political beliefs, this book is quite a fun ride.

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